How to use a lip scrub properly

    Giving your makeup the perfect finished look requires you to prep your skin ahead of time, which includes cleansing, scrubbing, and toning. Just the same way your lip entails a lip care routine to have that flawless lipstick base. Thereby, you need to exfoliate your lips the right way.  

    A regular lip care routine is not bounded by applying just a lip balm. It’s more than that. Your face is not just the prime focus, it’s also pretty sensitive. One mistake can cause several skin issues therefore one should know how to use a lip scrub properly. Scrubbing is the perfect method to get rid of the dead skin cell off from the outer layer of your skin as well as it is the key to having bright and smooth lips. But wait! Rubbing your lips vigorously doesn’t imply here.

    To get the most of scrubbing, one should do it by following proper methods and steps. This is why we are here to give all the insights on how to properly use a lip scrub.

    What is a lip scrub?        

    Lip scrubs are in semi-liquid form or mostly solid at room temperature, commonly used for its exfoliating purposes. It contains granules-like particles that aid in easing dry and chapped lips. It also helps in preventing flaky lips by simply removing dead skin cells from the surface of your skin.

    How to use a lip scrub?

    First of all, wet your lips that will easily allow the scrub to glide on. In terms of the application of your lip scrub, the condition of your lips will determine its quantity. If your lips are flakier, perhaps a liberal amount would be ideal but if your lips are dry then a small amount will do wonders.

    If your lips are bleeding or are cracked, avoid scrubbing your lips as it will cause more damage to your lips, rather wait for them to cure properly.

    According to AAD, cracked lips will take 2 to 3 weeks to cure, therefore you can carry out the rest of the lip care in the meantime.  

    Now that you have applied the lip scrub, start with the gentle movement in small circular motions for around 30 seconds. This will help remove all the dead skin cells giving you smoother and soft lips.

    A toothbrush is a great tool for it comes to scrubbing, just wet your toothbrush and scrub your lips in a circular motion. Next, gently pat dry your lips by using a soft cloth. This will not only make your lips smoother but will leave your lips with a plumped result.

    To get the additional benefit for your lip care, make sure to moisturize your lips later with a lip balm or apply any other oil to get hydrated lips. It will also prevent your lips from getting dry persistently. For best results, repeat the process twice or thrice a week.

    5 mistakes to avoid when using a lip scrub

    1. Over exfoliating

    It is not recommended to use your lip scrub more than 3 times a week. “Lip scrubs can be damaging to the delicate mucosa of the lip; they can cause a little bit of abrasion, micro-injury, and even some bleeding if you’re not careful,” Devgan said. “If you’re too rough with exfoliation, you can get hyperpigmentation, and your lips will look a little more brown than pink,” she added. Thus, you should maintain a gap of a day or two for the skin to redeem. It is also advised to be gentle while scrubbing. Furthermore, Make sure to avoid harsh movements on your lips.

    2. Skipping the lip balm

    People assume that exfoliation is the only way to keep their lips in a healthy condition for a longer time. As a matter of fact, to keep your lips properly moisturized and hydrated you should apply lip balm to your lips. For the extra benefit, use a lip balm with SPF because it will protect your lips from sun rays as well as keep your lips nourished and smooth. Apply an even amount of lip balm on your lips as it will help seal in moisture and give your lips a healthy-looking glow.

    3. Scrubbing irritated lips

    Scrubbing your lips while you have cuts and bruises on your lips can further promote more cracks that will lead to bleeding or stinging. If your lips are sunburnt you should wait for a couple of days because it will only irritate your lips.

    4. Not Storing the Lip Scrub Properly

    We all know that homemade lip balms are best but keeping them for a longer time might get you in trouble. The ingredients in your lip balm can get expired if not stored properly. This will cause several skin issues especially if you have sensitive skin. Homemade lip balms are made without preservatives and can usually live up to a maximum of 2 weeks. They can also develop viruses and bacteria which are harmful to your lips. Therefore avoid making lip balms in hefty quantity or simply buy a lip scrub that has a longer shelf life. 

    Why exfoliating your lips is important

    1. Dead skin removal

    Not until you scrub your lips, the whole point of practicing a lip care routine will not serve you any benefit. It’s the dead skin cells, sitting right at the top creating a barrier that won’t let your skin absorb the nutrients into your skin. Board-certified dermatologist and the founding director of Eternal Dermatology + Aesthetics, Ife J Rodney declared “Exfoliating the lips reveals fresh, smooth skin beneath,” says Rodney. Scrubbing your lips will remove all the dead and flaky skin giving your lips more of a polished look. 

     2. Helps Hydrate Your Lips

    Once you remove the dead skin cells, your lip balm will work 10 times more effectively. The skin on your lips will soak up all the nutrients from your lip balm or a moisturizer. Moreover, it will help seal in the moisture in your skin making your lips smooth and supple.

    3. Your lipstick will look better

    Putting on lipstick with chapped lips can make you feel like you have put on 10 coats at once, resulting in flakier lips. Exfoliating your lips will give your lips a smooth base for your lipstick. It also acts as a primer that prepares your skin for the rest of the products. Besides, your lipstick will last longer without creating patchy spots.

    4. Plump lips

    Want a plumper look? Then scrubbing is a great way to get large pouty lips. Exfoliation improves your blood circulation that causes lips to look plump and juicy. 

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