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    11 Best Alternative Uses Of Lip Balm

    Alternative Uses Of Lip Balm

    A small thing that comes in big packages fits well for the very common beauty product that could be either found in your vanity, purse, or even in your car. Yes, you guessed it right. We are talking about your lip balm which may seem small but own countless beauty hacks other than just moisturizing and heeling your dry lips. It can solve any issues on the go for your day-to-day regime. It is the biggest lifesaver that stands by you at your wits’ end.

    Lip balms are easy to carry anywhere or everywhere thereby women love to carry them with them in their purses. It is an all-rounder which can be useful at any point in your life. So make sure to buy it in stocks. The DIY hacks for a lip balm that we are about to disclose are worth the money.

    With that being said, here are the best alternative uses of lip balm that you can swear by.

     11 Alternative uses of lip balm

    1. Get Rid Of Mascara Smudges

    Imagine yourself applying the mascara. You put so much of your concentration to pull off curly thick lashes so you coat it multiple times. But even with the focus your mascara still gets smudged under your eyes.

    All you have to do is take a q tip, dip it in your petroleum jelly, and swipe away one stroke on the area you got smudged on. Best of all! It won’t affect your makeup.

    2. Highlighter On The Go

    Will you be astounded if we tell you that your lip balm can be used in place of your highlighter? Well if you are then try it yourself.

    There are days when you want to go natural with minimal makeup on yet dewy skin-like finish so a lip balm is all you need as your go-to highlighter. Just grab any lip balm and dab the product on your cheekbones, nose, and brow bone, and cupid brow. Apply it directly if your lip balm is in stick form.

    Pro Tip: You can also add a pinch of your highlighter powder and mix it in your lip balm to have that luminizing effect and let people go awe.  

    3.  Soften Dry Feet

    Do you know your heels and sole area have fewer oil glands and are more likely to become dry due to either standing for a longer period or because of the ill-fitted shoes which cause constant pressure to your feet and as a result friction is created leading to dry and rough heels.

    If you go through a similar skin condition then slather a thin layer of your favorite lip balm on the affected area. Keep in mind to wear a pair of socks afterward and leave it overnight.

    Use petroleum jelly to treat dry scaly patches as it will help seal the moisture in and let your feet moisturized.

    Pro Tip: After you do your pedicure dab some all over your heel to keep it moisturized.

    4. Groom Your Eyebrows

    Our eyebrows have evolved so much overtime from dramatic thin to feral frond (now in trend). The only thing that has not been changed is its grooming. It has become a part of our everyday beauty routine.

    To keep up with it, apply a small amount of lip balm on your spoolie and brush it through your eyebrows or you can apply it directly on your brows with your lip balm stick.


    5. Make Perfume Last Longer

    Ever wondered why your perfume doesn’t last longer? Well, here is why;

    The perfume scent quickly gets evaporated in low humidity (summer days) than in high humidity (winter days)

    Your perfume scent lasts longer on moisturized skin thus if you have dry skin make sure to moisturize it before wearing any perfume.

    Rub the lip balm on behind your ears, inside your elbows, collarbone following with the spritz of your perfume to make it last longer.

    6. Protect Your Hairline

    Things can get messy if you are planning to do your hair dye at home for the first time chances are you might get dye stains on your face and along your hairline.

    Before you apply any dye swipe a thin layer of lip balm along your hairline and on your ear. This will create a barrier to keep the stains from drenching your skin.

    7. Tame Your Flyaway

    Let’s face it we all go through our bad hair days where our frizzy hair won’t lay flat and our baby hair keeps growing all over our hairline that may impede in pulling off the hairstyles we desire.

    You just need to stroke some lip balm on your finger and slick back those flyways. The slick texture will tame down your flyaway in a single stroke.

    8. Soften Cuticles

    Our cuticles become dry due to the lack of moisture in our skin mainly in the chilly season which causes the cuticles to crack and become flaky. So instead of peeling the skin off rub some lip balm on the affected areas and massage it in. It will help heal your dry cuticles and keeps stay hydrated and moisturized.

    9. Dry, Irritated Nose

    One of the common reasons our nose becomes dry is due to the constantly blowing and wiping our nose all through our sickness which eventually causes our nose to become red and gives us a burning sensation. To avoid this condition slather some lip balm on the affected areas of your nose and keep it overnight.

    10. Soft dry hands

    Lip balm can be used in place of hand lotions. Just apply slight petroleum jelly or any other lip balm on your hands and rub your hands together to spread it evenly. It will help cure cracked fingertips making your hands as smooth as your lotion does.

    11. Prevent Blisters

    Thanks to the lip balm now you can wear any new shoes without having the fear of blisters. Before you put on any new pair of heels or sandals apply your lip balm onto the heels, conqow, and side of your feet.

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