Chapped lips are the most common lip condition that people suffer the most in the winter season, the only hitch which is so unwanted. Those cranky lines will not even let you grin.

    But it is not something that is not curable, although you can find many lip balm that assures you to heal your chapped lips, the majority of them carry out what they articulate, but the rest, only make it worse.

    So what essentially to look for initially when you buy a lip balm? Indeed it’s the ingredient for chapped lips that needs your attention significantly. First things first, let’s move on with the causes behind your chapped lips.

    What causes dry chapped lips?

    Chapped lips are the common lip condition that causes your lips to dry, flake, and cracked usually in the windy season.

    One of the main cause for your chapped lips is that it has no oil glands, frequently acknowledged as sebaceous glands, and no hair follicles, which endow your skin with the protection from external factors and sustain the level of moisture in your skin, making your skin stay hydrated and flexible.

    Unlike other parts of your skin, your lip has no protective hydro-lipid layer, an emulsion of water and fats which makes your skin hydrated and flexible, and hereby your lips are stiff during winter. 

    Lip licking is a further cause of chapped lips. People often develop a common habit of liking their lips during the winter season every time they get the sensation of dryness, this behavior may give relief in the short run but as the saliva evaporates swiftly it can cause more dryness over time, eventually leading to lip-licking cheilitis.

    Too much sun exposure can cause actinic cheilitis, a precancerous disease that is a rough, scaly patch on your skin. as your skin contains little melanin, (a natural pigment made by melanocytes ) which protects your skin from UVA and UVB rays, so the more you are in contact with these radiations there are more chances of you to develop skin cancer.

    Below, we have listed the ingredients that you should be looking for in a lip balm.

    Best Ingredients for Chapped Lips:

    Panthenol (Vitamin b5)

    Panthenol is commonly known as provitamin b5, having anti-inflammatory properties, it acts as a skin protectant. It is mostly used in skincare products. When the human body comes in contact with panthenol, this ingredient quickly gets absorbs by your skin and converts it into vitamin b5 (pantothenic acid), comparatively it acts as a moisturizing agent that maintains the barricade against environmental factors that irritates your skin.

    Additionally, using panthenol hydrates your skin which makes it an ideal ingredient if you have cracked or dry lips as it helps in preventing water loss, making your skin re-gain elasticity and flexibility, correspondingly, making your lips smooth and supple.

    Due to its soothing and repairing properties, this ingredient will do great in healing eczema on their lips.

    Fatty alcohols

    Fatty alcohols are known as aliphatic alcohols extracted from fatty acids of animals and plants

    Unlike aromatic alcohol, they can be used on any skin type without the concern of any skin irritation and dryness. Some of the common fatty acids used in skincare products are Cetyl alcohol, Cetearyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol, behenyl alcohol. They act as an emollient to treat dry, itchy, and scaly skin conditions. They form a layer on your skin to grasp the moisture in your skin.

    Furthermore, the fatty acid is used as a thickener in the cosmetic world such as creams and lotions, to improve its application and texture. These fatty alcohols are nonionic surfactants, a chemical used to remove the surface tension between oil and water molecule, thus stabilizing the mixture of oil and water.


    Another name for bisabolol is levomenol, derived from the German chamomile’s essential oil. It serves as a skin conditioner and it is safe to use only when it is in its purest form. It is widely used as a fragrance in the cosmetic and skincare world. Bisabolol has antimicrobial (used against microorganisms) properties, which treat skin infections

    Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it prevents forming acne and rashes on the skin. Because of its antioxidant properties, this ingredient comes as a rescue to prevent skin cell damage from free radicals, caused by the sun’s UV exposure and help.

    Besides, bisabolol helps improve visible signs of aging and even proves to tone down the sunburn and redness on the skin and also used to lighten the skin tone.


    Ceramides are lipids, produced in the sebaceous glands which are normally found in the outer layer of the skin (EPIDERMIS) and skin cells.

    It act as a skin barrier that holds the moisture in your skin whilst exteriorizing the impurities out of your skin.

    Also, It holds together the entire skin cell, found in the outermost layer which protects the skin from harmful external assailants. One of the main purposes that ceramides have is, they maintain the barrier onto the skin to prevent the water-loss occurring too quickly in the Statum Corneum.

    As you age, your skin is are more likely to plunge Ceramides, which leads to prominent wrinkles and causes your skin to become dried up. Hence, Ceramides are always a good option to go with as an ingredient for chapped lips.


    It is a silicone-based organic polymer, also known as Polydimethylsiloxane. Dimethicone is the second most moisturizing ingredient, after petroleum. Due to its fluid properties, Serums, creams, and other skincare products that leave behind a silky smooth texture on your skin are mainly because of dimethicone found in them.

    It can be used to fill in the fine lines on your skin and are commonly found in primers. Dimethicone acts as a skin protectant, building a barrier that defends our skin from extreme weather conditions, furthermore protecting your skin against wounds and dry patches.

    White petroleum jelly

    White Petroleum Jelly is a common household go-to lip balm savior. It is formed by natural mineral oil and waxes, transformed into a solid gel like substance. Since the skin does not absorb petroleum jelly, it acts as the skin barrier that prevents your skin from losing its moisture as well as protects the skin from wounds and other skin irritations caused by harsh weathers.

    Hemp seed oil

    Hemp seed oil is extracted from cold-pressing hemp seeds, often unrefined. It is green in color and smells like a nut. Hemp seed oil is full of nutrients, bioactive compounds, and healthy fatty acids like omega and linoleic acid, these nutrients play a significant role in forming the outer layer of the skin. They are well-known for maintaining your skin’s health conditions and prevents your skin from aging.

    Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) is an omega 3 fatty acid, found in hemp seed oil, which serves as an anti-inflammatory serving the skin in soothing inflammation and other irritations whereas maintaining the skin’s hydration level.

    The Takeaway

    Your lips deserve the same amount of care as your other parts of your body. Lip conditions are seasonal and thus require preparation. Chapped lips can be caused by either internal or external factors, either way they should be cured with proper ingredients. Make sure he above ingredients for chapped lips should be listed on the label of your selected lip balm.

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